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What is BeCause?


Because is the worlds first sustainability hub where conscious people & brands connect to show & grow care for their common sustainable causes. Check out the following video from our team, to learn more about the platform or read more about us as an organization here

What is sustainability and what does it mean for a citizen?


“Sustainability” essentially refers to our world’s ability to thrive – Environmentally, Socially & Economically – in a durable manner that meets our needs & opportunities of today without sacrificing them for generations of tomorrow. In other words, it refers to our ability to sustain optimal conditions for People, Planet & Prosperity.
Our development towards a fair and healthy future depends on all of us contributing to each of these 3 sustainability dimensions and understanding how they go hand-in-hand. Here, both citizens & companies are key to the solution. Citizens impact companies as employees, consumers and investors while companies are the leading employers of people, consumers of planetary resources and generators of prosperity.
Therefore, we call on all citizens to review companies relevant to them with their power to impact in mind, so we can support and advance brands employing much needed sustainable strategies.

What are the SDGs and how do I find my key causes?


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a framework of 17 overall goals - or causes - deemed the most critical by the United Nations for the world to work on today, in order to develop a sustainable tomorrow.
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a framework of 17 overall goals (or causes) deemed the most critical by the United Nations for our progress towards a more sustainable tomorrow. At BeCause, we use the SDGs as a common and actionable language between Citizens & Companies. This allows you to focus on the specific SDG cause(s) you care the most about supporting in everyday life! Which cause do you cherish?

How does the CauseScore work?


The CauseScore rates the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of companies - according to their past, present and future footprint and leadership on sustainability issues of special importance within the industrial context operated in.
This rating system is designed to help both Citizen & Company users evaluate and compare the sustainability of a specific company with peers and own ambitions - in order to inform decision-making in the everyday marketplace.

What is my role as a Citizen in the BeCause Community?


As a citizen, there are multiple ways in which you can contribute to a sustainable future. You can do this by liking, disliking, following, sharing, commenting and adding companies on BeCause. In return, you improve your karma and ranking while also impacting fellow citizens & companies.
Monthly, we also celebrate the Citizen topping the high score with most points earned. From time to time, this award comes with prizes & perks from sustainable companies!

How do I review the sustainability of a company?


Satisfied or not, voice your opinion on the individual sustainability initiatives of companies they showcase on the BeCause hub. Provide companies with feedback – e.g. through liking, disliking, following, sharing, commenting and adding missing companies – to reward their good efforts and help them to grow their causes further.

Learn how through our tutorial video above!

What am I signing up for and how?

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Signing up for a Citizen profile on the BeCause community is super easy, completely free and empowers you to start impacting companies. With a citizen profile, you can...
1. Voice your opinion on companies
2. Receive information relevant to the companies you follow
3. Support your own personal causes
4. Earn points
5. Benefit from many more user perks

When you're ready, watch the video above that has a step-by-step guide on how to sign up - both as a citizen and a company. Finally, click the ‘Join Now’ button in the top-right corner to Be-your-Cause today!